Cooper Jasper – In the Arms of Jesus

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– A note written by JJ, was read by the pastor at Cooper’s memorial service.

God gave us a precious gift February 24, 2004 at 11:27PM.  Samuel Cooper Jasper was born.  We were privileged to enjoy five years to know him, love him and be loved by him.  Psalms 127: 3, 5, says “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.  Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.  Cooper was a blessing.  He brought us so much joy and was absolutely a gift from God.

Melanie and I wanted you to know a little more about our special little boy.  If there was ever such a thing as a perfect child it was Cooper.  Not to take anything away from our wonderful, precious daughters, but Cooper was very, very special.  He never gave us a minute’s trouble and was a perfect balance in almost every way as a son, a little brother, student and friend.  He was a remarkable boy in every way.  From early on, Melanie and I were convinced that he had a call from God on his life.  Certainly the Lord’s hand was on him.  His desire to obey and please the Lord would rival that of many adults.  Cooper had the discipline of a marine, an incredible sense of humor and he absolutely had a servant’s heart.  He lived life with so much zeal and energy.  He smiled constantly and brought joy to everyone he met.  He was so very kind, generous, helpful, grateful and thoughtful… to God be the glory.  Once again, he was practically a perfect child.

– Cooper’s first word was “backhoe”.

– At only 15-months-old he taught himself how to snap his fingers, and then taught his big sisters.  To this day our daughters can snap their fingers because someone who couldn’t even talk showed them how!  Imagine that!

– When Daddy was away on a trip, Cooper would proudly proclaim that he would be the man of the house!

– His best-friend was Aaron Mangum.

– He earned a yellow belt in Karate and played baseball.

– He loved to swing, swim and jump on the trampoline.  He enjoyed animals and loved to play with his toys.  He especially liked action super heroes.  He was artistic and very smart.  His greatest joy was the love he had for his parents, his sisters and his Lord, Jesus Christ.

– Almost daily, complete strangers would comment on how special he was…Cooper impacted many lives in so few years.

– Cooper was all boy.  Recently, he told his mother, “Momma, I think I like baseball better than Karate.”  Knowing how much he enjoyed Karate, Melanie asked him why.  Cooper said, “I like the way my cleats sound when I’m walking on the parking lot.”

We crammed a lot of life into only five years.  In his last week and a half on earth, he shot fireworks, went swimming, played with his dog, rode his bike, rode the Wave runner, flew in an airplane with his dad, was laughing, riding a dune buggy when the Lord called him home.  His last words were “Flame on!”  Something he would say to make Daddy go faster.

Thank you for your love, support and prayers for our family.  Certainly this is every parent’s worst nightmare.

Personally, I want to say I’m sorry.   Humanly speaking, I was responsible and take the blame for the accident because I was driving the dune buggy when it flipped.  Our faith and trust however, is in a loving, sovereign God who, according to His word has each of our days numbered.  There is an appointed time for each of us to die.  We are trusting the Lord to someway, somehow get glory from this terrible tragedy.

Thank you again for your love and continued prayers.  Thank you for helping us celebrate the life and home-going of Samuel Cooper Jasper.  We will miss him more than we can say, but we will see him again.  Right now at this very moment, his is in heaven with Jesus.

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