Christmas party game

Here is a fun game to play at Christmas parties. Have everyone stand. Read the questions and reward the last ones standing with door prizes! Some of these questions are original and some were borrowed. You may want to add some of your own.

  1. If  you have ever bought your wife an appliance for Christmas, please sit down.
  2. If  you have never watched  “It’s a wonderful Life”  please sit down.
  3. If  you have ever bought a gift at the very last minute on your way to a party, please sit down.
  4. If you put your Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving, please sit down.
  5. If you ever bought a dessert or dish at the store, put it in your pan and passed it off as homemade, please sit down.
  6. If you ever sneaked and unwrapped  your gift for a peak, then re-wrapped it and put it back under the tree, please sit down.
  7. If you ever received a Christmas card from someone you weren’t planning to send a card to but quickly stuck one in the mail for them, please sit down.
  8. If you have ever left any Christmas decorations up past January 31, please sit down.
  9. If you have ever opened a gift, acted excited but secretly you were thinking how awful the gift was, please sit down.
  10. If you have ever re-gifted someone, please sit down.
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