URGENT Prayer Request: JJ Jasper Hospitalized

UPDATED 9/2/08 6:30AM Central: AFR’s JJ Jasper suffered a fall from a horse on the family farm and is currently in the Intensive Care Unit.  Apparently the horse bucked JJ off, causing him to suffer a broken pelvis, ribs and shoulder blade, bruised lung and a nasty bump on the forehead.  He is in a considerable amount of pain and we covet your prayers for JJ and his family.

Doctors are performing surgery on his pelvis soon.  Please pray for wisdom and that the Lord will guide their hands.

Notes of encouragement can be sent to Eric’s email here and then He will pass them on to JJ.  You can also sends cards and letters to:

JJ Jasper
C/O American Family Radio
PO Box 3206
Tupelo, MS 38803

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