JJ Jasper - I hope I break even - DVD

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NEWJJ JASPER - I Hope I Break Even Tour - DVD!

In this hilarious DVD, JJ brings the same blend of humor and encouragement that has made him a popular national morning radio personality and comedian. You'll laugh out loud as JJ shares side-splitting slices from his not-so-ordinary life. You'll learn how to babysit using a dump truck, and you'll hear about a bizarre bed and breakfast experience that's unforgetable!

In a special bonus track, JJ is joined by three of the funniest men alive.

JJ will leave you with cheeks that hurt and hearts filled with humor and hope.

Includes a collection of JJ's best bits, plus hilarious new stories.


"Gifted story-telling, side-splitting humor, family-friendly."

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Only 19.95 (plus S&H)

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