What People are Saying!

“I’m happy to recommend JJ Jasper as a great entertainer and speaker. We wanted something different for our Prestige Plus Group in Carthage, MS– something that would have folks talking long after they left the event and something that would inspire them.

Well- JJ more than filled the bill! His clean, down-home humor and Christian Testimony were well received and we continue to get compliments more than a week after the show.
Thanks again for making our event extra-special for our customers.” – Beth Weldon

“We were priviliged to have J.J. Jasper as our fund raising banquet speaker this year. We raised $20,000 more than last year at our banquet. He exceeded our expectations. He left us laughing and also deeply moved about abortions happening every 24 seconds. He touched the heart of everyone. The next day at the college campus, where we had the banquet it was the buzz about him being the best speaker we ever had. He had several key phrases about abortion that people are still quoting today. We would highly recommend him for any fundraiser. The best thing about J.J. is he is the real deal. No pretence and very genuine. We feel blessed to have met him.” –Barb Younge- Pregnancy Resource Center

“JJ spoke at our Cancer Center Staff Retreat, he was wonderful. Our staff retreat is the oppurtunity to do team building and to renew spiritually and emotionally. JJ had us laughing and soaring emotionally. In the evaluation the staff ranked JJ as a 5 (Excellent). I would highly recomment JJ as a speaker.” – Cynthia Edwards – NMMC Cancer Center

“Good, clean, clever, heart-moving humor is hard to come by these days. But we have great news! His name is JJ Jasper. Having shared the stage with JJ, we’ve been privileged to hear him live on many occasions throughout the nation and the best compliment we can pay JJ is that we’ve quoted him numerous times in our own presentations. Now, JJ’s wonderful and inspiring look at life through a smile is available in print. You are going to enjoy, “Moses Was A Basket Case.” It will be come of the best medicine you’ll ever take for your soul.” – Steve & Annie Chapman – Authors, singers, songwriters

“The problem with “funny guys” is we tend not to take them seriously, kinda like we think “serious guys” can’t be funny. In his new book, JJ Jasper uses his wonderful wit and humor to offer some serious truths. This book is rich and funny. Seriously!” – Dallas Holm – Singer, songwriter

“We have had the opportunity to spend time with JJ on numerous occasions. We enjoy his down-home humor and his steadfast love for the Lord. We know as you read his book you also will find this combination to be a blessing to your entire family.” – The Martins, Joyce, Jonathan & Judy – Christian recording artists

“Hilarious and heartwarming! When you’re not laughing out loud, you will be encouraged by JJ’s refreshing insights.” – Lenny LeBlanc – Singer, songwriter

“Tupelo resident James Alvah Jasper, known far and wide as JJ Jasper, the morning on-air personality of American Family Radio (92.5) offers information, inspiration, and down home humor to a half million listeners in 34 states. His first book, an easy-to-read, make-you-laugh collection of essays, including true (he promises they are true) episodes of haps and mishaps in his own life as well as a few touching stories of special people who have influenced him in a positive way. It is always refreshing to read the words of one who does not mind laughing at himself, and you will definitely laugh at him as well as with him through some real “bloopers.” There is nothing “silly” or “saccharin” here…it is funny. Seems like I remember something about “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” (Proverbs 17:22) I highly recommend that you get your laughter today! I also recommend that dads read this…it will teach you how to be more fun.” – review from the Jackson, MS Christian Family

“Christian Comedian Inspires Good, Clean Fun – headline from the Midland Reporter-Telegram

“The response from the audience was tremendous. He received a standing ovation at the end, something unusual for North Dakotans to do ! I truly felt the presence of the Lord tonight. – Randy Johnson (James Valley Youth For Christ)

It is such a rare treat to see a young man who will use the talent God has given to entertain and at the same time stand and proclaim the name of Christ before men.” – Sandra K. Lord (Houston, MO Chamber of Commerce)

“… Jasper has come a long way for a gospel guy who entertained kids at lock-ins and religious retreats for 15 years. With a hot routine, he has been lighting funny fires on radio and television across the nation. Lee County, MS Courier

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