JJ Jasper is a veteran morning on-air radio personality, best-selling author, comedian, dedicated Christian and devoted family man.

JJ hosts a national morning radio show on American Family Radio network (approximately 200 stations in 36 states). When he’s not motivating listeners with his unique brand of humor and encouragement, he is entertaining people as a stand-up comedian and keynote speaker.

He is the author of Losing Cooper: Finding Hope to Grieve Well, Moses Was A Basketcase and Jonah Had a Whale of a Time.

JJ and his wife, Melanie, along with their children live in Tupelo, Mississippi.


  1. Dan Campbell says

    Your cousin, Penny, my wife, gave me your book on Moses for Father’s day a year ago & I read it shortly thereafter. She can, by the way, verify, in general terms, the veracity of your outlandish stories, as well as the more heartfelt & heartbreaking elements of your life. I just wanted you to know how blessed I was when I recently picked up your book to reread it (casting about for something to read devotionally after a recent move left most of my library boxed up). Most of your chapters are a perfect blend of light-hearted uplift & spiritual boost. I found them an absolute tonic for a somewhat challenging period. (You may have heard of Penny’s recent falls & 2 broken wrists; her left hand is almost fully recovered & she’s progressing nicely w/ therapy on her right. Any prayers for which you have room on your prayer list will be appreciated.)

    When I noted you had written a children’s book, it occurred to me that this could probably be counted on to be a good book for children. (We have grandkids for which we’re Christmas shopping). But I don’t find any info on your site. Is it still in print? At what age group is it aimed?

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