Losing Cooper : Finding Hope to Grieve Well

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Losing Cooper : Finding Hope to Grieve Well

A true story of hope in the midst of great personal tragedy.

Losing Cooper : Finding Hope to Grieve Well, is the moving story of the Jasper family after the tragic death of their five-year-old son Cooper. The book chronicles their journey through darkness, but offers real hope to anyone experiencing trouble, trials, or tragedy. It shows how a strong Christian family deals with shock, loss, and grief from a Biblical perspective.

Max Lucado

Max Lucado

“I cannot imagine any person who would not benefit from this inspiring story. We need to know: God turns sorrow into hope. We need to know how God uses tough times to shape our character. The Jasper family is proof. This book is worth your time.”Max Lucado
Pastor, New York Times best-selling author


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Order the Kindle Version
Click here to get the first to chapters FREE or to order the complete Kindle Version of “Losing Cooper: Finding Hope to Grieve Well”

  • rakella wells

    I have the DVD JJ & his wife put out. It was very inspiring. We lost our 19 yr old son 5 yrs ago. It’s very hard not to ask that question of why. He was/is a child of God but it was too soon for us to have to give him back to God, just like Cooper. Hearing how the Jasper’s faith is so strong helps me get through. Thank you for this upcoming book. God bless you all.

  • Alesa Lambert

    We lost our grandson, Aiden, at the age of eight to an ATV accident. JJ’s testimony and witness has helped me be strong when I did not want to be strong. It has been important to my daughter to always remember God’s goodness. When Aiden was 4 he said,”there isnt no use in loving God if you don’t love Jesus.” So today I celebrate his 730th day in heaven. And I do not mourn as those who have no hope. God bless you all.

  • jessica reid

    I am so looking forward to reading the new book coming out. I also lost my son at the age of 23yrs old August 11, 2011. He drowned in a river in Puerto Rico less than 30days after his 23rd bIrThDaY. He had a wife and a 3myth old son. He was also a Air force Veteran. I became closer to God but the pain was something I couldn’t hardly handle. I was so angry with God for putting me and my family through this. My daughter-in-law couldn’t understand it either, but we have become closer. I go see them often in Puerto Rico, because I love my grandson so much. He brings me so much joy & happiness.
    I would have to say turning to God has helped me a lot. I think this book will help a lot of people dealing with grief.
    Thanks so very much for writing this book. I know it will help me a lot as I continue to grieve for my son.

  • Kathy Spence

    Hi my story is like alot of people who lost a child, at ANY AGE, I had a daughter die of SIDS in 1987, New Years Day to be exact, I went to get Ashley my 7 1/2 month old daughter up, not quite understanding why she was STILL SLEEPING, to find her face down, cold, stiff, Blue, It still bring tears to my eyes now, she had been gone atleast 2 to 3 hrs, My whole world fell apart at that moment & I Blamed God, Why ? Because he took my Mom from Me when I was just 5 yrs old, My oldest sister begged God to heal our Mom, but He said No, oh I was One Very Sad, Lonely, angry, girl that grew into a troubled lady and I blamed God for it all, then 1998 Jesus finally got my attention and I gave him my heart, oh how I Love him now because FIRST HE LOVED ME AND NEVER GAVE UP ON ME NO MATTER WHAT I SAID OR DID TO TRY TO HURT GOD, I WAS TRYING TO PAY GOD BACK FOR LETTING US DOWN, HE NEVER LET US DOWN, I AM SOOOOOO GLAD HE DOESN’T PAY US BACK ACCORDING TO WHAT WE DESERVE, TRUTHFULLY AREN’T YOU !!!!! WE DON’T ALWAYS UNDERSTAND HIM, WE AREN’T SUPPOSE TO, JUST TRUST HIM, ONE DAY I WILL SEE ALL MY LOVE ONES AND THAT THRILLS ME BUT OHHHHHH TO BE IN MY SAVIOURS ARMS, THAT IS MY ONE WISH, I CAN’T WAIT FOR……

  • Derrick Costner

    I have an uncle who recently lost a grandson and a cousin who lost a son some years back. Neither of them are handling the loss so well. My sister mentioned this book and wishes she could send them both a copy, but cannot afford it, because of her own financial hardships. How do I order these and have them shipped directly to them for her?

  • Kalyn Parker

    I just ordered this book for a friend from high school who lost her 4 year old son to cancer this week. I was praying for her and this book popped in my mind and I came and ordered it as quickly as I could! I’ve heard your story on AFR and have heard you guys talking about the book. I’m hoping it can be a light to her through such a dark time in her life. JJ, your family is always in my prayers as well.

  • David Adams

    I thought the “Good Shepherd” was supposed to take care of His sheep. I see ‘good’ “God” fearing, obedient, giving giving and giving Christians who seem to get slapped up side the head by a “God” that evidently wants to ‘test’ them. The same “God” we are taught knows EVERYTHING, past, present and future. So why does He need to ‘test’ a Christian since He already knows what the outcome will be?

    Then there are the ‘televangelists’ making MILLIONS selling His FREE salvation. He recently ‘gave’ one of them a 65 million dollar jet for his exclusive use. Another televangelist was caught not ONCE, but TWICE with a prostitute. Yet, their lives go on blessed blessed blessed while I have seen a faithful Christian man watch helplessly as his wife slowly died of a brain disease and another, his wife of cancer. And another his five-year old son.

    It is hard hard hard hard for me to love, much less worship a “God” that seems to bless bless bless bless and bless some and others . . . . well heartache after heartache after heartache.

    He declares Himself ‘good, says He intimately cares about us, that if a Christian seeks first His righteousness, ‘all’ these things will be added unto you. What things? An aneurysm at age 54? Cancer while in your 30’s? The death of your child due to an illness? Yet the ungodly “God” hating, openly sinning just continue on, living ‘problem’ free.


  • David, it is quite a mystery why God choose to bless some with material things and not others. It’s another and I’d say a greater mystery why God choose to heal others and not others. We’ve had both healing and loss in my family. So I understand what you are feeling and if I were you now, I’d feel much the same way, I am sure.

    However, it seems to boil down to this for me, and as I read scripture. We are here to bring glory to God, not the other way around. God is not Santa, but we can trust that he has a greater plan. Also, this world is not our home. And the suffering of this world (great as it might be at times) really will pale in comparison to the glory of Heaven.

    Rather than ask why a holy God doesn’t bless you, the question I would ask is just the opposite, why does He bless us at all? I’ll drop you my email address and am happy to discuss your questions privately if you’d like. If not, that’s okay too.

  • David Adams

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    You don’t hurt people you claim to love.

    Are you familiar with Joey and Rory Feek? They made it clear they loved “God”. Yet at age 38, she got cancer. Despite thousands of people praying for her healing, the Almighty didn’t intervene. Yet people like Donald Trump – who has stated he has never ever felt the need to ask Him for forgiveness – and people like the Clintons, just real one bountiful harvest after another. And my favorite example, Jimmy Swaggart. Despite being married, he got caught not once, but twice, with a prostitute. And still continues to make millions selling “God’s” FREE salvation.

    So it is hard to see “God” as ‘always good’ and certainly not nice all the time. Despite Him even saying He has ‘no favorite’, life examples certainly seem to prove otherwise.

    David JR

  • David, God is gracious. And for some, the Bible says, these monetary rewards are the only sign of God’s grace they will see (http://bit.ly/20qlu6p). However, I don’t know and it’s not my place to say who will or will not enter the kingdom. I can make some good guesses, but if I’m honest with myself, while my sins are different then theirs, I’m really, at my heart, not much better than they are, compared to a Holy God. Why God even allows me breath is a mystery to me.

    I have disagreed with God’s choices too. I’ve argued with God and lost. Yet, I can confidently say, He has never let me down. He’s healed some of my family of cancer and not healed others. I don’t know why. But it’s not my choice to make, it is His.

    You are really asking the wrong questions. The question is, Is there a God? Is He who Scripture claims He is? My advice David if you really want answers is to start reading the Bible and get a clear understanding of who God really is. If you have any questions, you have my email. I don’t have all the answers, but am willing to help where I can.

    May God bless you,


  • Linda Smith

    I would like to thank you for coming to our town and sharing your story of your grief on losing Cooper, I attended thinking I was going to help my brother (whose wife was tragically killed in a farm accident) to grieve well, l never dreamed a year later my 16yr old son would be killed and that God had prepared my heart for this terrible lost and pain. Having 10 siblings, your cd on grieving helped us to grieve well and to bring glory to our Lord through it.

  • Laura Muncy

    Ron and especially David, i have never replayed before and I am sorry for the length I know this will be. I am one of those christians that you witnessed suffering more than seems right. My father was had many affairs and after we (his 4 children) were grown it got really bad and he left…there was fighting, a small amount of physical abuse (not that any is acceptable) he soon moved in with a woman and lived with her foe 30 years. My parents never divorced, for her divorce was a sin and for he would lose half and also owning a business together he needed her stability as she had a regular day job with benefits while he was self employed and made more but at much higher risk. They grew to a place where they saw each other every day and as she grew ill he did take take of her and even this other woman cooked meals for her he even built a house for her next door so he could take care of her…she never wanted for material things but someone else got to play the role of his wife. There are so many more details but I hope that this is enough for you to grasp my anger at her last heat of life. She had always seemed frail had shograns, addisons, thyroid and many other diseases. The steroids that she had taken for 30 years destroyed her kidneys, as the doctors said would happen. She had to start dialysis, which she hated, she has also become disoriented and didn’t know what was happening to her…she was hospitalized for 3 months and then nothing else could be done. Knowing that if we stopped the dialysis, she would die within days…my father couldn’t stop the treatment as the doctors recommended…he couldn’t”kill” her…if God wanted her he would have to take her….we told him that we needed to let go…modern medicine can keep people alive in a vegetative state for a long time. He was so full of control but one day the dialysis did’nt help and he let and cried all day and realized the pain he had caused her…anyway she passed days later and I who was recently separated myself walked around my apartment foe 6 months yelling at God asking why….the kindest, gentlest person I have ever known had to go through so much hurt and sadness in this life and at the end had to still suffer so badly…where was the grace, the mercy that she taught me to believe in? I totally believed in God…I was his child, hurting, not understanding…and expressing to my “father”. Then after 6 months of ranting and tears God answered me….in a moment, I was given an answer that takes much longer to say….he said, everyone thinks death is the worst thing that can happen “she’s fine” she is in heaven and healthy. While you watched her suffer for what seemed like forever….in the course of eternity, it was but a moment. Her suffering was for nothing….it was those who watched her, reflected on her life, for those God was trying to reach….if her suffering could save one person…she was willing to go through it (knowing her, I know this was true)…this was not about her, “she is fine” ….it was about those who watched…it was about….my father who for the rest of his life was kind and gentle….that alone was a miracle. I believe EVERYTHING is about so much more than we know….trusting in a God who takes a terrible situation and turns it to an opportunity to reach one lost sheep. I am still amazed. As for the swaggers and the others….there are jerks….someone in the name of Jesus and some not…this is a fallen world. Swagger and the like are reaping their glory here and now. Others will reap for eternity. I think that is better. As it says, store up your treasurers in heaven. That’s it, I am done. Just know that now…you are known, one day you will know as you are known. Not sure if this helps but I have waited for years for a time to share. Thanks.

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