Tornado Relief Story

Here’s WTOK’s story of my storm relief show. Laughter really does “doeth good like a medicine.” Keep praying for those in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama hit hardest by those killer storms.

More Tupelo MS Tornado footage (Video)

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The Rest of the Story

Hi family, friends and AFR “family.” Here’s an update on our situation, I’m at North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, Mississippi. It’s hard to believe that a spill from a horse could be such a life changing event resulting in so much injury. I guess if I had yelled, “whoaa,” louder or held on longer, I wouldn’t be here in the first place!

In case you haven’t heard what happened, on Labor Day afternoon I saddled up one of our horses to take a ride around our farm. Cheyenne, our mare, started to buck and go crazy. After the brief rodeo on one of the bucks the horn of the saddle drove my groin through my pelvis breaking it open. After several more bucks of blinding pain I dove off. When I hit the ground I broke five ribs, a shoulder blade, my tail bone and bruised a lung.

After surgery to repair the pelvis there was much concern about severe bladder damage, infection, swelling, etc. We were in the ICU for seven days but have stabilized. Through it all God has been faithful! We have seen his hand and felt his presence. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers,cards and e-mails. It has been humbling and amazing to experience so much love and to see the body of Christ in action. How do people go through set backs without family, friends or church family?

* Some immediate blessings we experienced:
Some precious friends provided temporary housing that is five minutes from the hospital and next door to our children’s school.

* Melanie’s mom, Kandi, moved in for two weeks to take care of our
four children and allow Mel to rarely leave my side.

* Bro. Don and and AFA/AFR staff have been here from the first critical hours of ICU and continue to rally around our family with incredible support.

* The care we are receiving from the NMMC doctors, nurses and medical staff has been second to none. Very professional and lots of TLC.

* Cards, e-mails, visits and expressions of love from around the country have offered much needed hope.

Doctors indicate approximately 30 more days of hospital stay, including intense rehab. My personal goal is to get out in time for sharathon. I feel like I’m letting the team down and would love to be there right now
everyday to be a cheerleader reminding folks of the importance of Christian radio. Please pray for our upcoming sharathon and please continue to pray for me and my family. We know that prayer is the difference maker. We love you and God bless you.

JJ Jasper

P. S. We have a Quarter horse for sale. 🙂

URGENT Prayer Request: JJ Jasper Hospitalized

UPDATED 9/2/08 6:30AM Central: AFR’s JJ Jasper suffered a fall from a horse on the family farm and is currently in the Intensive Care Unit.  Apparently the horse bucked JJ off, causing him to suffer a broken pelvis, ribs and shoulder blade, bruised lung and a nasty bump on the forehead.  He is in a considerable amount of pain and we covet your prayers for JJ and his family.

Doctors are performing surgery on his pelvis soon.  Please pray for wisdom and that the Lord will guide their hands.

Notes of encouragement can be sent to Eric’s email here and then He will pass them on to JJ.  You can also sends cards and letters to:

JJ Jasper
C/O American Family Radio
PO Box 3206
Tupelo, MS 38803